The ONLY Set Health & Safety screening app made by and for film production professionals!

From a trusted leader in production related software.

Safety & Security

Safety and Security

Data is safely secured.

Data Backup

Data is backed up with every entry and completed "At that moment" Full data backups up three times a day, so nothing is lost.

No Device Permissions Requested or Used

Unlike other mobile apps, our app never asks to view your contacts, history, or any other all-time access information on your device. Your privacy is safe!

More Than Just Safety!

Includes lunch ordering tools, call sheet & sides distribution, day-out-of-days management, shot lists, schedule, and more!

Don't Trust Your Most Important Data & Information To An App Or Service Built "Just Because."

Progressive Web App (PWA)

This service will work on any operating system (Apple, Android, etc.) or device. It even works on desktops and tablets.

What Device Would You Like To See It On?

Used By A&E, Lifetime, Discovery, Target, and Geico.

#BackToSet App is helping keep everyone safe during production! Contact us or sign up now.

Getting Started

Step one

Register and create a producer profile.

Step two

Invite your Cast and Crew.

Step three

Your Cast and Crew complete the questionnaire daily.

Step four

You, CCO, Assigned Crew check in all cast and crew by either being shown their "Cleared to Work" screen or manually selecting their name and confirming check-in.


Not much really...


Use our shared app, pay nothing.

  • Use the one-for-all app
  • Invite all your cast & crew
  • Daily health screening questionnaires
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If you have a larger scale project, or need custom questions and reports, we can create your app for you.

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  • Custom format
  • Your productions brand
  • Custom reporting
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How Long have You worked In Film & TV Production?

We have spent over SIX years developing film & TV Production software.

Will You Request Permissions?

Unlike other mobile apps, we never ask to view your contacts, location, photos, or any other information on your device! Your privacy is safe!

Will You Be Adding More Features?

Yes! We have many new features in development right now. Such as, Vouchers, Deal Memos, Time Cards, and More!

Can I Track Testing?

Yes! (Soon) You can add test results as an admin/producer or let your cast & crew upload their results themselves!

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